WHY drumheads?

I am often asked this question, and I also ask myself it time and again. I realized that my fascination for natural skins had reached me via a detour through my passion for vintage drums. Many drummers forget how important the skin is in the chain starting with the player, the sticks – … – … to the wood of the drum and hoops, the drumhead is actually the most important part of the chain. And not just the one you play, but also the one on the underside of the drum.

And WHY natural furs?

When I got my hands on my first “vintage” drum, I asked myself how it was possible for an original head to still be intact and playable after such a long time. The special thing about natural fur is that it hardly wears out and therefore stays in its original condition for much longer. This extends the durability of such a fur many times over compared to a synthetic fur.

THE special - THE wood

But what makes the drumheads from the Austrian Drumhead Company so special?

There are many manufacturers and countless models of drumheads and natural drumheads made from different types of parchment. An important part of the skin is the hoop on which the parchment is mounted. While most manufacturers use metal (usually aluminum), I use hand-selected beech wood, which I cut and sand by hand and then bend under steam. The coat then remains on the tire until the end of the drying process. This special process makes it possible for me to produce drum heads that are not available on the market.

100% Handmade – In Austria

More info?

Then just write to me! I look forward to your inquiries.

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